Getting a job is the best way to earn a living. Aside from the basic needs, you also need to consider other expenses like the electric bill, payment for the loan, and others.

With the standard of living we have today, it is of no wonder that some would take two or more job just to survive the day-to-day living.

Have you ever dream of just earning money without even leaving home? Well, before, it seems impossible to do that since works are always found in a busy city. But today, it is possible.

Thanks to the amazing technology that we have today, working at home is possible. Finding one is made easy. You just need to have skills, a laptop or PC, and an efficient internet connection.

Your determination will pave your way towards a better means of earning money.

To help you select the best option for your work-from-home dream, here are the following ways on how to make money at home:


1. Freelance Writing

Be a writer

If you have a hidden talent in writing, you will definitely be thankful for this skill for this job.

Doing this freelance writing job can greatly increase your earnings without even bothering to leave the house.

There are various platforms, like Fiverr, that is the best online place where employers and employee get connected.

These platforms enable employers to find the best employee that could wok o the various tasks that they have at hand. 

You may find yourself writing things for technology up to various industries that we have today. Or maybe, you will find yourself editing someone else’s work.

The payment for the written article is not in bulk – you get to be paid every single one that you have written.

If you are lucky to grab the opportunity for this field, you can already turn this to full-time work!


2. Be Healthy and Earn

Would you believe that you will be earning money by just staying healthy? Yes, this is made possible by a health app called AchieveMent.

Through this app, you will be earning points for doing things to become healthy. This may include tracking the foods that you eat, walking, and even taking an online survey.

Stay Heathy

Once you have saved points, you can simply redeem for Amazon Gift Cards or even cash. This app is may also be connected to the fitness app that you might actually have.

MyFitnessPal, FitBit, and RunKeeper are just some of these apps. Also, you can get points by signing up for this app. Stay healthy and then earn more.


3. Doing Some Website Test

Have you ever visit a website that you wish you haven’t? Well, instead of keeping your comments to yourself, what if you can tell the problem to the website administrator and get paid?

That would be a great idea as it is a win-win situation for both the website and you. You can just visit the website, do some several clicks and tweaks, then instantly get paid.

Website owners are more than willing to welcome and pay for you to test their websites. Sites like UserTesting and TryMyUI are popular places to test websites. With this job, you can even earn as much as $30 per hour. Isn’t that amazing?


4. Use these Apps

By just downloading and installing an app on your device, you are already giving yourself a chance to earn money from those trendy apps.

Google will gladly pay you for every app getting installed each month on your device. Some apps include MobileXpression is one of those apps which you will be earning a reward after you participated in research.

If you are into answering questions, you can install ShopTracker and expect to earn, instantly! Nielsen Mobile Panel is not just focused on running TV ratings, with their mobile app, you can earn up to $50 for a year!

5. Sign up for Gift Cards

As easy as signing up, you will already earn amazing gift cards and even cashback rebate. If you love online shopping but at the same time want to earn some money, you will definitely be a regular visitor at an online store like Ebates and Mr.Rebates.

Ebates is now part of Rakuten but the cashback still the same.

Mr.Rebates also give cashback just for shopping online! There are thousands of online retailers that people normally shop at which qualify for rebates such as Walmart, Macy’s and Amazon!

If you’re spending anyway, might as well get the most out of it with rebates. You get to buy what you like and save!


6. Getting a Refund/Cashback

Since you may have made several online purchases, would it be nice to get a refund? You can use an app like the Paribus to help you find if out of the online stores that you have visited owe you an awesome refund.

This app needs to be connected with your email account and then checks receipts. If they found out that the online store’s retailer had dropped the price, this app will file the price adjustment claim just for you. So, you will definitely get that money back, guaranteed.


7. Watch and Earn

If you loved watching videos during your free time, make this free time to earn. Earn more by just watching celebrity videos, news, movie preview, and other types of videos.

Are you ready to watch and earn? You will just need to sign up to one of the various sites just like Inboxdollars or Swagbucks. You are just required to watch videos for required time and voila! You get to earn more even up to $200!


8. Starting a Blog + Online Business 

One of the best ways to earn from home is by starting your own business, online. You can start selling homemade products or become an affiliate member.

Since you have plenty of time online, how about starting your own blog and a combination of your business? You cover topics from traveling, health, cooking, and many more.

You might be surprised at how much you can earn every month by just creating your blog. Some say that they get to earn over $40,000 every month. How much more can you earn if you work harder for this business?

Whatever job it may be, everyone knows that you are doing your best to survive, hoping one day that you will get to live an awesome life.

So, if you are looking for a side job, you can just freely browse the online world for various opportunities to earn even at home.


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