In order for this Clickfunnels review to make sense, we must understand the idea of a sales funnel first. A sales funnel is an interesting term for anyone not familiar with the syntax. A sales funnel is an important aspect of marketing products, as it is the path laid out by companies for consumers to follow to hopefully become a customer. It is called a funnel because the spirit behind it is to get as many potential people as possible and funnel them down to the point where they buy your product or service.

It is an important business model to know and understand if you wish to increase the number of consumers to your product. In this Clickfunnels review, let’s dive into the benefits of using Clickfunnels. Before we discuss how Clickfunnels can help you streamline your sales funnels, let’s look at stages of a sales funnel that your typical client has to go through.

4 Stages of Sales Funnel

The typical sales funnel model is split into 4 different stages but can be expanded depending on the type of product or service you are selling. The 4 main stages are Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action, which can be easily remembered thanks to the acronym AIDA. Each stage is important in turning as many people into customers as possible.


As the name suggests, this is the stage that people become aware that your product exists. From here one of two things may happen. The first is nothing. The person will know your product exists, but they aren’t interested. The other is that the customer will be intrigued and may look more into it.


The next stage is when those who are interested in your product begin to do research. They look at your product, compare it to similar products, think about their options and then decide if they should continue pursuing the product or not.


This is the most important aspect of the funnel when it comes to turning a person into a customer. At this stage, they are ready to buy a product, but you need to do anything you can to make sure it’s your product. You want to make your product look better than any other option.


This is when the customer finally buys your product and becomes one of the people in your customer ecosystem. It is here that you want to strike as well to make sure they become repeat customers and help your business grow by attracting other people into the sales funnel.

While it is good to know how a sales funnel works, it is just as important, if not more, to optimize the funnel so you can reach as many people as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of businesses that help do that, and one of the best is ClickFunnels.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an online marketing platform that enables you to build online sales funnels. It helps businesses advertise, sell and deliver their products with ease. They simplify the process of creating a sales funnel by providing prebuilt funnel options that are specifically tailored to different products or services.

Traditional sales funneling has you dealing with web hosting, landing pages, automatic email responses and takes a lot of time and money. Clickfunnels is able to do all of this in one package so you aren’t dealing
with each individual part one by one.

clickfunnels features

Clickfunnels is able to provide different types of funnels to better serve various types of businesses that work with them. They are optimized to work with e-commerce stores, membership websites, sites that require subscribers, webinars and more. They also provide an easy to use interface that can include things into your funnel like clocks, videos, and animations.

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels has two main plans, both that come with a two-week free trial. They are confident in their software to allow anyone to test it for 14-days!

The first plan is the Startup which is $97 a month. It comes with basics like 20 types of funnels, 3 custom domains, email integration, and ways to easily expand your funnel.

If the Startup plan is not enough you can upgrade to Enterprise plan which is $297 a month. This plan gives you more options such as 70 funnels, 20 custom domains, and priority support when you need assistance.

Clickfunnels User Reviews

The user reviews for Clickfunnels is overwhelmingly positive.
Customers are touting how easy and effective the funnels they use from Clickfunnels are. This is because not only does Clickfunnels provide you with all the tools you need to be successful, but they help you reach your products maximum potential by training you in different aspects of using a sales funnel.
They also mention how competitive the prices compared to other similar companies, and how Clickfunnels has a team of people ready to help you at any time.

Customers are also praising the company on a program called the OFA Challenge. OFA stands for One Funnel Away and is a challenge created by Russel Brunson who is also a co-founder of Clickfunnels. The OFA challenge is a 30 training course that coaches you into making the best sales funnel possible. Every day is dedicated to a new aspect of a sales funnel and will teach you how to get the most out of every step. It is a program run by not only Ruseel himself, but two other entrepreneurs and experts who know how to make successful funnels.

The OFA challenge is not something you can do at your own pace and expect results. The OFA is designed for you to take action right this minute and get yourself on track as quickly as possible. If you take even one day off in the 30 days, you risk derailing your potential success. However, should you complete this course, Russel guarantees that you will be thousands of times more equipped to create the perfect sales funnel for your business or product.

Is Clickfunnels Worth It?

If the user reviews aren’t enough to convince you, then take our word for it. Creating an effective sales funnel can be a long and arduous process, and other companies may not help you that well, but Clickfunnels makes the process less time consuming, easier to handle and is better priced than others. They know what they are doing, and they mean it. They offer different packages that correspond to your needs and they help you every step of the way even providing insight into how certain aspects of sales funneling can improve the marketing for your business or product. And if want the extra help, there’s
always the OFA Challenge.

Clickfunnels actively invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into improving their sales funnels. They have other tools integrated with their software, like email autoresponder that is decent but not the best. I hope this Clickfunnels review gives you enough information to decide if you want to try it out or not.

Overall, Clickfunnels is the best at providing customers with the best landing pages and the best sales funnels anyone can ask. If your business requires to make sales and capturing audience attention, then Clickfunnels is a must-have tool. It will save you so much time and effort. There is no risk. Go try their 14-day free trial with tons of training from on Clickfunnels’ website and see for yourself!